2016 April

The blues

A detail  from the spring exhibit at Sofiero.


Visiting a flower exhibition at Sofiero in Skåne. The mirrors provided an opportunity to place yourself in the exhibit. And I had a camera to hide behind 🙂

Birds that like nuts

Another photo from my bird feeder. This guy is a nuthatch (as you can see from his prefered food). He is also a pretty cool bird, both colorwise and the way he can walk both up and down the tree trunk with the same confidence.


Temperature is getting back to survivable, but still below zero during nights. Creates some magic photo opportunities.

Birds of color

I have always tought that birds found in Norway are small and pretty boring when it comes to colors, especially the ones we feed during winter. A closer look at visitors to my bird feeder the last few months has proved me wrong. This guy, who is a nuthatch, might be small but has the […]

Moose on the loose

Moose are pretty big animals and unless you are driving a truck (and maybe not even then) you don’t want to collide with one. Most moose will end up dead after such an accident, but chances are that you will too. Too remind drivers to be alert, these artistic moose horns are placed on trees […]