2015 November

Copenhagen sunrise

This is one of the first photos I took with my first digital SLR, a Pentax *ist DL, in October 2006. Compared to what is affordable to an amateur photographer today it was quite limited, but still it felt like a completely new world back then. I went to Copenhagen just a few weeks after […]

Hall of the Mountain King

Not really. This photo is from the 25 km long tunnel between Lærdal og Aurland in the western part of Norway on the road from Bergen to Oslo. To prevent drivers from getting tunnel vision (really) there are three halls with light and space inside the tunnel. Photo taken in february 2014.

Magnolia tree

Come May

In three weeks time it will be winter solstice and the days will be getting longer again. Then there will be only four months until the magnolia blooms. This photo was taken in the royal gardens at Sofiero outside Helsingborg in Sweden in may 2015.

Saturday morning

Running along the river. Photo taken in Øyer, Norway in november 2015.


Red kite is quite common i the southern part of Sweden. The photo was taken in Össjö, Sweden in february 2015.

Male lion

Typically male (lion)

Sleeping on his back on the savannah equivalent of a coach, while his wives are out working.  All that is missing is a TV with a soccer game on it. The photo was taken in Entabeni, South Africa in december 2010.