All reved up and nowhere to go

Lergöksralliet, Ängelholm, August 29. 2016

A lot of work, a lot of love.

The last weekend in August my favorite Skåne town hosts a rally for veteran cars. The 2016 edition came with this beautiful fire fighter. A lot of work, a lot of love!


Visiting a flower exhibition at Sofiero in Skåne. The mirrors provided an opportunity to place yourself in the exhibit. And I had a camera to hide behind 🙂

Moose on the loose

Moose are pretty big animals and unless you are driving a truck (and maybe not even then) you don’t want to collide with one. Most moose will end up dead after such an accident, but chances are that you will too. Too remind drivers to be alert, these artistic moose horns are placed on trees […]

Christmas 2015

Hall of the Mountain King

Not really. This photo is from the 25 km long tunnel between Lærdal og Aurland in the western part of Norway on the road from Bergen to Oslo. To prevent drivers from getting tunnel vision (really) there are three halls with light and space inside the tunnel. Photo taken in february 2014.