Remove this. NOW!

This my cat. He is not happy. Not at all. He hates snow. He hates winter. And doors that don’t open immediately. I am glad he is not a tiger.

And suddenly there was a bird sanctuary

After a night of heavy rainfall I woke up with a small lake and a family of swans across the road (see this post). Two days later (and some more rain) the lake is marginally bigger and incredibly more crowded. And of course, looming above, the ever-present Red Kite. Photo taken in December 2015 in […]


Red kite is quite common i the southern part of Sweden. The photo was taken in Össjö, Sweden in february 2015.

Male lion

Typically male (lion)

Sleeping on his back on the savannah equivalent of a coach, while his wives are out working.  All that is missing is a TV with a soccer game on it. The photo was taken in Entabeni, South Africa in december 2010.