Running hare

I am quite amazed how well this turned out, quite clearly showing the importance and strength of the animal’s hind legs for its movements.

Crested pigeon

The Australian cousin…….

Flying crane

The cranes are pairing these days. This is the left over guy. Photo taken in Øyer, May 2016.

Birds that like nuts

Another photo from my bird feeder. This guy is a nuthatch (as you can see from his prefered food). He is also a pretty cool bird, both colorwise and the way he can walk both up and down the tree trunk with the same confidence.

Birds of color

I have always tought that birds found in Norway are small and pretty boring when it comes to colors, especially the ones we feed during winter. A closer look at visitors to my bird feeder the last few months has proved me wrong. This guy, who is a nuthatch, might be small but has the […]

Flying in the rain

After a stormy night. Photo taken at Klitterhus in Ängelholm in December 2015.