2016 February

See you in Copenhagen

A dramatic sunset in Össjö. The plane will land in Copenhagen in about 10 minutes. Photo taken in April 2013.

I miss the colors

Winters in this part of Norway are long and white. And all shadows of grey. Very little color, except for the vivid blue of the winter sky, sometimes. After several months in B&W world I long for colors. Like in this photo, taken in October 2015 at Hunderfossen dam.

Flying in the rain

After a stormy night. Photo taken at Klitterhus in Ängelholm in December 2015.

Remove this. NOW!

This my cat. He is not happy. Not at all. He hates snow. He hates winter. And doors that don’t open immediately. I am glad he is not a tiger.

Winter sunset

The last January sunset of 2016.

After the storm

Tor was here! January 31, 2016.