2016 January

Paraglider, Hafjell

Photo taken January 2016

Sunset at Hafjell

Photo taken january 2016.

Winterwonderland 2

Patches of frost smoke make for some interesting effects. Photo taken January 2016.


This afternoon. Hafjell. You can see it is cold. Very, very cold.

High five

Coolest thing in the world: Turtle high-five. Met this young lady at Shark&Yolanda in the Red Sea in 2009. With a little luck she will be around to greet my gg-children. Awesome!

Hunderfossen powerplant

I am fascinated by industrial constructions, as this dam across Gudbrandsdalsl√•gen that is part of the Hunderfossen hydropower plant. The dam was built in the early sixties. Before that the waterfall (Hunderfossen) was home to some of the largest trouts caught in Norway. Thanks to a preservation program and a specially built “staircase” through the […]