2015 December

Christmas 2015

And suddenly there was a bird sanctuary

After a night of heavy rainfall I woke up with a small lake and a family of swans across the road (see this post). Two days later (and some more rain) the lake is marginally bigger and incredibly more crowded. And of course, looming above, the ever-present Red Kite. Photo taken in December 2015 in […]

Winter Moon

It is winter and the moon reflects in the only cloud in the sky. Photo taken at Hundersetra, Hafjell in March 2011.

Noicy snow

This is not an inferno of fire and smoke, but snow production at Hafjell. It’s cold as hell and the ice crystals sting like small burns when they land on bare skin. And it’s loud. Photo taken in December 2016.

It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

Unfortunately this photo was taken in December 2014. Doesn’t look much like christmas this year.

Another Caribbean memory

While diving i Sosua I got to see a “wild” seahorse for the first time. It was so special and so beautiful. Photo taken at about 10 meters depth, in July 2011.